The Best and Famous Classical Pieces


Classical music is still known to be popular up to this day despite of the changes in technology, society and norms in every country. Also, classical music has been part of our culture and it will always attract admiration from people in different generations. As classical music composers continue their craft, a lot of them are able to produce the most beautiful sound we could possibly hear. I’m also a little biased for obvious reasons! As a pianist, I love classical music especially when it comes to going to free concerts in Chicago.

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Let’s take a trip down the memory lane as we relive the best and most famous classical piano pieces ever written by our favorite classical composers and what my friend played during the reception at our wedding!

Fur Elise

Ludwig Van Beethoven composed this piece in 1810 but only later released to the public in 1867. The composition was believed to be found by Ludwig Nohl 40 years after Beethoven’s death in 1827.

Moonlight Sonata

Another classic by Beethoven that enticed everyone with its soulful sound. After its completion in 1801, Beethoven dedicated the piece to Countess Giulietta Guiciardi, his pupil, in 1802.

Minute Waltz

Frederic Chopin gave birth to this treasure in 1874 which he dedicated to his muse, Countess Delfina Potocka.

Rondo Alla Turca

It was composed by Mozart and also known as ‘The Turkish’. During its composition, Mozart wanted his composition to sound as Turkish Janissary bands that were popular at their time.

Clair de Lune

Debussy composed this piece for 15 years and named it after one of Verlaine’s poem that has the same title.


Composed by Schumman in 1838, this piece was meant to remind of the composer’s childhood. The published piece has 13 movements but its original had 30.

Sonata Pathetique

Another piece by Beethoven that was composed in 1798. Ludwig made an impressive work as he was only 27 years old when he gave birth to this classic.

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

This was considered as the most famous among the 19 rhapsodies Franz Liszt created. It also gained its popularity as several movies and animated films used the piece as part of their musical scoring.


classicpiano2Schumman created another classical piece in 1839 as the embodiment of his depressive thoughts of missing the love of his life, Clara Wieck. Their love story did not bloom as the woman’s father never approved of him but the artist remained in love with Clara.

The Funeral March

Chopn composed this piece in 1839 but a part of the sonata, the third movement, was composed earlier in 1837.

Flight of the Bumblebee

This was composed by Nikolai Rimsky- Korsakov as part of his opera ‘The Tale of Tsar Saltan’ ans served as an interlude.

Rhapsody in Blue

Gershwin created this beauty in 1924 using jazz music and classical technique. This piece paved his way to stardom as he introduced a fresh and new take in classical music.

Diabelli Variations Op. 120

Another Beethoven’s masterpiece and composed between 1819 to 1823. He based this piece on Anton Diabelli’s waltz. Anton gave several composers the liberty to use his waltz to come up with their own version and Beethoven seemed to enjoy it as he was able to come up with 33.

So there’s a quick lesson on my favorite classical pieces.


Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons


A lot of parents are enrolling their kids in piano lessons whether the child asked for it or not. Most of them also think that starting the lessons the earlier the better. Scientifically, it’s true. Children who are taking piano or any music lessons at a very young age become more creative and intellectually sharp than those who don’t.

In this article, we’ll discuss more in detail the effects of taking piano lessons in children and maybe at the end of this article, you might enroll right away. Let’s get started!

Taking piano lessons can help in improving a child’s academic abilities

When a child learns how music and rhythm works, it helps them understand patterns and divisions which in turn help them improve in mathematics. As their lessons in piano progresses, the learners will develop their memory retention, both short- term and long- term. Also, learning piano or other musical instruments gives children an introduction to physics. It could give them an idea how vibrations work and how sound travel in waves. There’s a lot of methods in learning music that can be related to academic subjects which the children can learn as they progress.

Piano lessons teach children patience and discipline

Children taking piano lessons need to allot a specific time every day for their lessons and they need to be patient as it will take not only days, or months but sometimes, even years for them to master a single piece or to be able to perform with other musicians. Added bonus trait that your child can learn or hone is being respectful to his or her fellow music learners. This can manifest during a recital where a child needs to wait for his turn in performing his piece and he or she needs to be quiet while others are performing.

It hones social skills

This usually happens when a child starts to work in full group. The child will be able to adjust his pace so that he can be in tune with the other musicians. Other classes also group the children and give them projects to work on. This gives way for them to converse more effectively and solve problems as a team.

Piano lessons develop the child’s self- esteem

When a constructive criticism is explained properly to a child, he will not take his mistake as something that he should be ashamed of. Other children become discouraged when they are being corrected in a wrong way and that is something that the parents and instructors need to avoid at all cost. It will only leave them resentful and might cause behavioral problems later on. When a child has accepted that it’s okay not to be perfect, he can easily work on the things that he needs to improve.

It improves the child’s physical ability

Playing a piano will need you to focus your eyes on the musical sheet while fingers play the keys. Being trained in this skill helps the children to have better hand and eye coordination which can also be used in other activities in day to day lives.

Enrolling your children in piano or any musical instrument lessons can help him or her in developing a great deal of his skills and personality.

When You’re Confident in How Awesome Your Piano Is, You Take it Apart

GENEVA INTERNATIONAL creator Earl Matzkin was so positive in the handiwork on his Nordiska Pianos that he took a few of them apart to reveal it off. A “fan screen” first revealed at the January NAMM reveal discloses each layer of the piano tilted out like a sample to expose its inner operations. Fan pianos will head out to each of Geneva’s about 50 dealerships, and a couple of, like the Nordiska piano at Piano Gallery in Dallas, are currently on screen.

“We understand that exactly what we put into this piano is much better parts than numerous of our rivals– however exactly how do you reveal that to a client, unless you can take the piano apart? The Nordiska, which Matzkin called one of the finest pianos coming out of China, is identified by maple rims, a wet-cast plate, and Abel hammers from Germany.

“We pay even more for it however consumers value the distinction in the sound and in the feel,” he states. “Every dealership who has the fan screen discovers that the first thing clients do is walk in and take a look at it. It’s a remarkable attention-getter.”.

Bob Rosenthal, head of state of Piano Gallery in Dallas, has actually had his Nordiska fan piano on screen considering that the spring. Unlike the Yamaha Pianos, that can’t compare a light. “Most consumers have no concept what goes into the making of a piano, so a dissected piano is a wonderful device to reveal a client exactly how it’s made.”. Also most consumers don’t understand how the piano moving process is so important and that it should be only done by specialized piano movers who have years of experience such as the guys at Piano Movers HQ in Chicago. They had loads of experience and we go with them as our primary movers. They also have a few branches in other locations such and I believe they’re just opening a piano moving branch in Denver.

With each fan piano that goes out, Geneva sends out along personnel to set up the screen and enlighten the dealership on its functions. Each screen comes with a poster recognizing every part on a brochure and the piano explaining exactly how the Nordiska is made. “A lot of our rivals actually do not desire to reveal exactly how their pianos are made, however we do,” states Matzkin.

Geneva International, the special supplier of Nordiska pianos in the United States, has actually been importing the piano for the previous 6 years. The Nordiska was an old Norwegian-made, European-style piano that failed prior to Dongbei Piano of China bought the business “barrel, lock, and stock.”.

“The Nordiska piano is acknowledged as the number one marvelous piano coming out of China,” states Matzkin. We’ve never ever planned the Nordiska to be the least expensive piano on the market.

The Nordiska has actually been shown to hold even more than entry-level appeal. Nordiska pianos hold a location in a variety of popular colleges, churches, and home entertainment online forums, consisting of a nine-foot marvelous at Caesar’s Palace. Illinois Senator and Democratic governmental prospect Barack Obama likewise possesses a Nordiska piano from Geneva’s Chicago dealership.

The Nordiska is the 3rd significant brand name to be imported by Geneva International, which began in 1985 by bringing Petrof pianos, a maker from the then-Communist country of Czechoslovakia, to dealerships in the U.S. Enroute to the 1985 music reasonable in Leipzig, East Germany, for his first conference with Petrof, Matzkin was apprehended and questioned by armed guards for not having the needed visas for travel to an Eastern Bloc nation. He was launched a number of hours later on just to discover that Petrol would not be displaying at the reasonable. Over the next weeks and months, nevertheless, Matskin reached Petrof agents and gotten unique U.S. circulation rights for both Petrof and Weinbach pianos, likewise a Czech brand name.

“Before we took that on, there was never ever one Petrol piano offered in the United States,” he states. “At that time we took care of the government, and now, given that the Wall boiled down, we doing business with personal ownership.”.

In 2000 Matzkin ventured into the Laioning Province of China to see the Nordiska Piano Factory. “At the time we started dispersing Nordiska pianos, numerous individuals thought all Chinese pianos were the exact same,” states Matzkin. There are much better pianos and there are less costly pianos, like from everywhere else.

It’s prematurely to determine the effect of the fan screens on Nordiska sales, Matzkin states, however “sales of Nordiska pianos are outstanding– they’re simply excellent– and we think this will do absolutely nothing however enhance them.”.

The roar is all about the arts and we love supporting musicians. Check out this amazing pianist below!